Apr 202010

It’s finally done. We found a 2007 Honda Odyssey in a color we like with the features we wanted (EX-L, leather, DVD), with the miles mlhart was happy with (< 36k). The exterior had some scratches where the bumpers bumped (they are awfully low) and the carpet has the tel-tale signs of children with muddy feet and cherry Popsicles having enjoyed a ride or a thousand. Being willing to accept these blemishes saved us $11k over a new one. We plan to drive it for a month or so and then take it to have some body work done and then on over for a thorough detailing. The sellers were reasonable and pretty straight with us - which is a lot more than I can say of my previous experiences. Buying used from a private party was the way to go for us.

Feb 012010

I stood in line at the rec center at 5:25am for pre-school registration, behind 5 people who had done their research and knew which class they wanted, and 1 woman who spent 20 minutes at the desk asking questions while the phone rang off the hook and more people lined up…. only to sign her kid up for 2 classes because she just couldn’t decide…. then spent a few minutes trying to see if she could get her $50 back if she called back with a final decision later today…. wow… seriously?… sigh. dvh3 did get 1 of the 2 remaining spots in the class we wanted.

Aug 042009

I came home today to a “We Love Daddy” sign on my front door. Devon decided I needed a surprise party – or rather that he needed to throw one for me. It was really wonderful. This evening was the best 4 hours we’ve spent together as a family in months. There was no whining, no frustrated sighs, it was great. Thanks Mommy and Devon! Abigail was present, but mostly unaffected by the whole thing – but we had some quality snuggles anyway :-)

Nov 222008

I generally have glorious visions of productivity for my weekends. I invariably (on Friday anyway) see them as an opportunity to get just a little bit ahead of where I am at the time. Saturday often presents itself with a few extras I hadn’t considered on Friday, that make it difficult to get those couple of step forward I so long for, but I can usually manage at least one. This morning, dvh3 had other plans for me… he woke up at his usual hour (about 6:45) and Mary Lou stuck him in front of the digital babysitter so we could sleep in a little. At 8:00 his show was rolling credits and he needed his “muck”, so I rolled out of bed to tend to his urgent demands. Too late it seems. He managed to get his hands on a red permanent marker and proceeded to furiously color the floor, the two new leather ottomans, the new leather chair, and the new area rug… you picked up on the repeated use of the word “new” I take it? We had just barely finished furnishing this room, it had taken us months… and it took him all of 2 minutes to destroy it. After reading silly things on line about trying rubbing alcohol… uh yeah, might as well have tried a spit shine! I lined up the various solvents I had on hand and tried them one at a time to find the weakest one that would remove Red Sharpie. Alcohol… no, mineral spirits… no, finger nail polish remover… a little, lacquer thinner… BINGO. Now, how do you suppose lacquer thinner will affect my hardwood floors, leather furniture, and area rug?… well… it can’t really be much worse than the virtual bloodbath that currently covered the room. Working quickly so as to avoid destroying the finishes or disintegrating the carpet, we wiped off and dabbed up the marker. A couple hours and 25 terry clothes later, the floor and furniture look as good as new and the rug… well… it looks pretty good, but I think the lacquer thinner may have dissolved the glue holding the backing mesh to the bottom… Ah well. So much for a step forward this weekend, at least in the end it appears to be only a small step back from Friday…