Feb 202012

How would you decide which tablet to buy? In particular, I wanted to determine which screen size would suit my needs. I wanted to be able to view rmls.com listings and read the occasional technical paper. I did some initial web-research, then visited my local Best Buy to get my hands on a variety of tablets.

My test? Google for “Paul McKenney Parallel Programming”, click on the LWN link and download the 358-page PDF. Then open it and test legibility in portrait and landscape mode.

I opted for the 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab. I think the 8.9″ would have worked every bit as well and I preferred the slightly smaller size (with the same 1280×800 screen resolution). Unfortunately, they didn’t have it in stock at any of the Oregon locations and it didn’t come with the $50 gift card, eliminating the 10% savings.

I’ve only dabbled with the device so far and allowed a small gaggle of children to verify that the critical Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja “benchmarks” run beautifully. I will update once I’ve had some time with it.

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