Jun 032011

Lenovo unveiled their much-touted ThinkPad X1. It’s thin, it’s fast, it’s tough, it’s got a lot going for it… but the 13.3″ display comes in only one resolution: 1366×768. Really? 1280×800 was bad enough on the X201 and X220. Even at 800 vertical pixels I’ve run across the occasional dialog box with unreachable OK and Cancel buttons. Are you sure you want to format your root partition? It’s like russian roulette while guessing which of the off screen buttons – presumably [OK] and [Cancel] is selected by default! 768 is just silly.

I understand that most users probably don’t use 6 point font. They probably don’t care if they can only read three Facebook wall posts before having to scroll down. But isn’t there still a market for people that want a high-end screen with their high-end laptop? I’d pay another $100 for 1440×900, and I’m confident nearly every other software developer would as well. I find it a bit amusing that one of the images on the Lenovo web site shows a 3D modeling program on the X1 – not likely people, not with that resolution.

So how about it Lenovo, can we get an optional high resolution screen (as are made available on so many other ThinkPads, past and present) for software developers and other not-blind people?

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  1. Totally agree Darren.

    If it hasn’t got 1050 (or preferably 1200) vertical pixels it’s useless to me.

    Currently work on a 17″ Macbook Pro (1920×1200), but would also like a nice slim, powerful ish PC laptop with a high res screen. I have a soft spot for IBM/Lenovo after owning 4 in the past before the Mac, so would love this except for the crappy screen.

    It needs 1440×1050 or so. The bezel is far too thick too and spoils it, so should have a ~14″ panel.

  2. I’d happily pay $300+ more for a 1920×1200 or 1920×1080 screen.

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