May 282011

As many of you are aware, I have been thoroughly enjoying working at Intel since September 2010. It provides me numerous opportunities to learn new things and advance my existing skills. It is also a very high performance culture with numerous incredible people to model. Coming to Intel as Kernel developer has its challenges. As a kernel guy, people expect you know the low level architecture – but compared to 10+ year Intel veterans (kernel or not) I find I have some catch up to do! Besides just Intel architecture, there are countless other things I want to learn and skills I want to develop.

  • Improve my git fu
  • Follow LKML,oe-core,poky
  • Contribute to PREEMPT_RT Linux
  • Master perf and lttng, in addition to ftrace
  • Internalize the nitty gritty details of the hardware boot process
  • Learn to use Eclipse (mostly so I can understand how others work)
  • Sort out GUI application architecture abstraction (for braindump)
  • Master the programming problems in texts like Hacker’s Delight
  • Read all the Linux kernel books ever written… or maybe just the ones on my shelves currently
  • And that’s just the mostly professional stuff…

I find I can make it partway into a small subset of these, but before I can truly master any of them, I’m pulled away onto some other high priority thing which brings an entire new set of things I need learn more about. I need to be able to assimilate information faster! My eyes and my brain just don’t seem to have the required bandwidth.

What are some ways you have found to master new skills and make deep technical information your own while keeping up with a dynamic work environment?

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