May 222011

A month back or so I started tinkering with converting my drupal blog to wordpress. While I liked the idea owning my data, the required maintenance for drupal was more than I wanted to manage. WordPress offers a much more polished administrative interface and is trivial to upgrade, customize with modules, and much more flexible in terms of theming.

To convert my blog entries, I tweaked the script listed here. Since I was using Vernon Mauery‘s Acidfree Drupal module for photo albums, I had my work cut out for me to complete the transition from Drupal to WordPress. I brushed up on my MySQL and wrote some python to convert the acidfree references in the blogs to NextGen Gallery references. The result is what you see here.

While I was planning on hosting this blog on my personal NAS, I decided in the end that I don’t want the NAS to be the primary source of any information: blogs, music, photos, or otherwise. The NAS is a backup, and the only way for it to be a proper backup is if everything on it resides elsewhere. I also didn’t care to have to manage the security issues of exposing my NAS to the intertubes.

As part of the exercise I really wanted to come up with that perfect title and sub-title, that catchy five-words-or-less phrase that succinctly and completely described me and everything I might ever decide to burden my readers with. Thanks to Joshua Lock and Vernon Mauery for listening to me obsess over it. In the end I opted to keep it simple, and make it easy for you to tell whose blog it is in your feed reader (which is how you should be reading all but this post!) So here it is, in wordpress form. If you followed my blog previously, please update your RSS feeds.

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  1. I think you made the right decision by choosing not to host it on the NAS. Theme is pretty nice too :-)

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