Mar 132011

We are being harassed by collections agencies looking for individuals we do not know and do not live here. We recently changed our number for a similar problem with agencies looking for individuals with the same initials (m. hart) as our previous public number. We now have a private number, but that number has been associated with persons with unpaid debts in the past. I am extremely frustrated that the primary use for my phone service is for collections agencies to try and reach people I do not know. Phone service providers need to provide their customers with a means to prevent this. For example, a blocked number list that I can add numbers to from the web interface. The caller should just hear the phone ring and never be directed to voicemail or receive any kind of message. If something doesn’t change soon, I am considering canceling my voip service since I strongly object to paying for a service which provides more rights to collections agencies than to me.

For now, I’ve filed complaints against GE Money with anyone who will listen and will be canceling every account I have with them. Good-bye GAP card. If you object to being called repeatedly at inconvenient times, having your child woken up early, and being lied to over the phone – consider doing the same.

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