Apr 112010

Yesterday I left the burbs and trekked into SE to see Corey at Seven Corners Cycles about a Jamis Commuter 3. Corey listened to what I was looking to do, and what attracted me to the Jamis Commuter 3. He addressed my concerns about traditional v-brakes, pointing out how the machined aluminum rims with water channels today provide much more friction for the brake pad than the steel wheels of the last era. (So he didn’t steer me to the >$1000 Jamis Commuter 4).

He setup the 21″ he had on hand, warning me it might be a little tall for my 5’11” frame. The seat-to-bars length looked good, but it was a little… dangerous… to casually throw a leg over such a high bar. The bike has slightly curved bars, a slightly reclined seat and head tube, a comfortable saddle, and 32c tires. All this combined for the best ride I’ve had this week. It also comes stock with fenders, a rear rack, and a lighting system driven by a Shimano Dynamo front hub (cool tech if you ask me). With all these things included, the Jamis comes in well under most of the competition. After the ride, we agreed that I’d probably be better off with a 19″ frame and possibly a longer stem. He said he should have one in and built around this coming Thursday. I committed to buying one of the two after a final fitting.

Seven Corners Cycles had me at the door though. With two black labs roaming the store floor, you can’t go wrong. It didn’t hurt that they let dvh3 drive a little red Jamis around and around (and around and around) the store, and Corey played “te pego con palo” with him while I test rode my future commuter.

Thanks to The 6-Miller for the excellent write-up on 2008 commuter bicycles which eventually led me to the Jamis Commuter series.

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