Feb 032008

After toying with various basic kitchen layouts in my 2D CAD tool (QCAD), I decided I really needed something kitchen specific, that had 3D renderings. I found a simple winderz program called Kitchendraw 5.0, and am running that in a KVM image. It comes with 30 hours of free use, and is pay-as-you-go after that. This is a pretty good model for me, since I’ll not likely to create more than just a handful of kitches, at around four hours a piece.

Key Changes in this design:

  • Eliminated bump out into garage (reduces width by 2 feet)
  • Range moved from corner to garage wall
  • Changed pantry cabinets to bases and uppers with a counter (right of fridge)

I’ve included a couple renderings of the latest kitchen design, one with cherry and one with painted cabinets (the island is white in both). A couple of points left for discussion include:

  • Range placement along the garage wall (all the way to the right, or right in the middle)
  • Counter space or full pantry to the right of the refrigerator
  • Corner cabinet configuration

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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  1. I have to say I’m a sucker for cherry wood, or just dark woods in general. I like the design. Lots of counter space. That is a must for me since I love to cook. I hope we can come to Oregon some time and see your beautiful home.

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